Welcome to D Beach House


970 Bolivar Dunes Blvd.

Welcome, to “D Beach House” we hope you come and have an enjoyable stay.  The house was built in 2008 and finished a couple of months before Hurricane Ike hit the coast September 13, 2008.  The house had minimal damage because of the stricter building codes. Our son came and got to view the house 4 days after Ike to see that it was still standing. All the keys to house were washed away in the storm, so he was unable to view the inside.  When they finally let us return to our amazement the inside of the house was all intact.  We had boarded up the windows with about 4 extra inches on each side and the sand made it way through some at the bottom on the window base boards.  The sand blew in the bottom of the boarded up door making a left sweeping pattern from the front door to the back bedroom door. In the field across from us and to the left you could find a lot of the stuff that came off the house. I found a light fixture that had blown off and the walls to the garage.  In all we felt very fortunate to have a house still standing.  It took months to get electricity, water and sewer. So since the market for selling a house did not look promising we decide to rent it out.


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